Meditation is a process of expanding your awareness. When you meditate, you get in touch with the deepest part of yourself. You know from your own point of view what’s right, what’s wrong, what you should do and shouldn’t in any situation. Meditation makes you tough, makes you strong, conscious, happy, and eventually, enlightened. Meditation is a process of silencing your thoughts.

Beyond the world of thought and sensorial impressions, there are planes and dimensions of perfect light, knowledge, and radiant perfection. Meditation is simply a process of moving your awareness field from the awareness of this world, from the awareness of time and space, into eternity, into the eternal dimensions.

The world you see around you is largely physical. It’s perceived through seeing, tasting, smelling, touching and feeling. It’s also analyzed through thought, it’s felt through emotion, it’s remembered through memory, anticipated through projection, and experienced as now. But there are different modes and levels of perception, which most people are not familiar with. And there are different universes, astral universes, and above the astral universes, the planes of light and beyond the planes of light, nirvana itself—perfect enlightenment, the essence and nexus of all things.

Meditation is about becoming conscious of who you are, becoming happy, relaxing, slowing down, and chilling out and learning to smile. It’s also about very profound things that are hard to express in words—about beauty, just about being most excellent at everything, finding the perfect part of yourself, overcoming your self-destructive tendencies, overcoming depression, anxiety, nervousness, fears of all types and descriptions. It’s about being happy, being conscious, being free, and most of all about being who you really are, which is something that most people don’t have any consistent consciousness of.

Meditation is eternal awareness. The height of meditation is normally symbolized by the Buddha, a person who yokes their mind—through the practice of yoga, meditation, Buddhism—with the highest light in the universe. They experience it in a state called samadhi. Samadhi is a complete cosmic consciousness experience. It’s like climbing to the top of the Himalayas and just seeing the ranges, the mountains up there—an experience that really is unparalleled. It just can’t be expressed in words. Meditation is a journey, a journey to the other side. The other side can’t be explained—the mystical worlds, the timeless, miraculous worlds of light. But they can be certainly, most certainly, experienced by you.

So this tape is about how to meditate.

Meditation is essentially a wonderfully easy process … unless you live in this age, in which case it’s hard. Oh, maybe it’s hard. Meditation is about making your mind calm and quiet, and if the earth was not overpopulated and toxic, this is a very easy thing to do. The mind is not naturally so active. But there are two factors you have to take into consideration—a crowded planet and the fact that we’re all psychic.

Each human being has an aura. An aura is the energy body that surrounds your physical body. And your body of energy gives off impressions just like radio waves—short wave, long wave—and you feel those impressions. You feel the thoughts, the feelings of others, particularly people, of course, you’re in close contact with, either physically or emotionally. You’re very open to them. But you also feel the vibrations of the people in your neighborhood, at your school, where you work, where you drive your car, your town, your state, your country and your planet. But most particularly you feel the vibrations in a radius of about 100 miles from where your physical body is.

Everyone is psychic. People just don’t know that. They think so much; they worry so much. They’re so caught up in unhappy emotions. They’re not still enough. They’re not wise and silent enough to see that 90 percent of what they think and feel is alien to them. Ninety percent of what they think and feel—90 percent of what you think and feel—are not your own thoughts and emotions. They’re somebody else’s—a lot of other people’s.

I always remember an adventure of “Star Trek” where Spock is explaining to Captain Kirk that people come to Vulcan from other planets not so much to learn to be psychic, but people who come with psychic abilities learn to block out psychic impressions. That’s what the advanced psychics teach them. At Vulcan, they teach them how to keep other people’s thoughts out of their minds. And Kirk thought they went there, of course, to learn to be psychic. That’s not the problem. Everyone’s psychic. The difficulty is just having your own thoughts and feelings. Because if you don’t, you can’t possibly know who you are, what you care about; and you end up doing things, thinking things, wanting things, fearing things, that have nothing to do with you. They’re somebody else’s ideas, thoughts and feelings. It’s absurd. But everybody does it.

Meditation is a process of not doing that. It’s a process of not doing. It’s about being still, being centered, being clear, being happy, being organically in touch with the universal light, developing parts of yourself that are unknown to most people, very powerful parts, very beautiful parts, very strong parts.

The billions of people on this overcrowded planet put out so much energy and so much of it is unhappy, that it makes everybody’s minds active.

Everybody is thinking all the time, stressed out, can’t slow down, can’t feel what lies beyond this dimension. Normally it’s very easy to do that. If you don’t believe me, take a walk in the woods. Find a nice wooded path that not too many people have been on, where there are not a lot of impressions. Take a walk. Take a hike. And you will notice that your mind, if you monitor it, it becomes very quiet. You don’t think much.

Now let’s leave there and go out and walk down a city street. Drive on a highway and walk through a building. If you begin to examine your thoughts, you will observe that they change from where you are to the next locale. In other words, they’re influenced. Go into a room with unhappy people, you’ll find you get depressed, pulled down by their energy. Go into a place with happy people and you’ll find you are brought up.

If we lived on a planet in which everyone was happy and progressive and it wasn’t so overcrowded—getting more so every day—it would be very easy to meditate, very easy to feel infinity, to be in tune with our spiritual self. But that’s not the case. And when you meditate, in particular, and you slow your thoughts down, you actually become more sensitive. You become more psychic because you are clearing yourself of thoughts and impressions of this world so you can feel the other world. You can feel the perfect worlds of light that exist beyond this plane.

It’s kind of tricky to meditate in this age, in short, and I’ve figured out a way to do it, to make it easy for you. It’s to meditate to music. I have created a number of albums, two in particular, which are designed to meditate to. There’s one for morning meditation and one for evening meditation. There are 15 songs on each album. They’re about four minutes each. And each album is designed to provide a morning or an evening meditation. The Enlightenment tape is for morning meditation. Canyons of Light is for evening meditation.

To meditate, all you need to do is sit down, either in a cross-legged position on a rug or outside on the grass or some place that feels good to you, or sit in a chair. Your back needs to be straight, though. Don’t lie down. When you lie down, it’s almost impossible to meditate because your body relaxes too much and you just kind of get sleepy. It’s best to be very alert when you meditate. It’s a nice idea to wash your hands and face, or, if it’s a morning meditation, maybe to get up and take a shower, have a cup of tea or coffee or whatever wakes you up.

Sit down, relax, and if it’s a morning meditation, put on the Enlightenment tape.

Each of the 15 songs has been composed around a dimension, and they’re in ascending order. The morning tape offers you an experience of 15 different higher dimensions of light that provide the energy, the insight and the power to go out and have a wonderful day.

The evening meditation tape, Canyons of Light, references 15 other dimensions that are easier to get into at night, and you’ll go very high in them. It’s easier to meditate at night because in the evening people shut down. They get kind of quiet. They go home, fall asleep. And the dimensions that are available—some are easy to get to at night, some in the morning. The Enlightenment album is an hour long. If you are new to meditation, you might just want to meditate for half that time until you get your pace and your stamina built up, and then do the hour. The hour is great.

You might sit down in the morning, put on the tape and listen. Zazen, which is the name of our music group composed of myself and three other students of mine. Zazen is a Japanese word. It means to sit in silence, to listen, to be aware of everything and nothing and what’s beyond both. Zazen is also a sitting meditation in Zen Buddhism.

If you sit, if you make your mind quiet, if you’re still and you listen to the music, the music will do two things. One, it will provide a kind of an auric blanket. The energy in the music is very high. I’ve gone into very high planes of consciousness, into samadhi, to bring a certain power into the music as a whole. And when you put on the tape, the energy is so high in it that it will simply block out the thoughts and impressions of the people in this world so you will just be … safe. It’s as if you’re sitting in a pristine environment, in a beautiful power spot with no impressions. And it’s very easy to touch the other worlds. But, secondly, all the songs are in groups of five. In other words, there are three groups of five on the first and three groups of five on the second albums. And the songs reference particular chakras.


A word about chakras, energy centers, and the subtle body and the doorways to infinity. There are three primary meridians in the body. There is a body of light, also known as the subtle body or the astral body, that surrounds your physical body. It is composed of a network of filaments or fibers of light, and those fibers join at places that we call chakras. There are seven primary chakras, and they run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are connected by three astral nerve tubes, the largest of which is the shushumna, and then there is the ida and the pingala.

The base chakra, the root chakra, which is where the kundalini energy is at rest, is at the base of the spine. Around the area of the sex organs there is a second chakra. The third chakra is around the navel area and a little bit below—about an inch below the navel.

Chakras are not in the physical body, but they correspond to these spots. They’re in your energy body. The three lower chakras are the power chakras, and when you start to meditate, you should meditate first on the navel center. By meditating on your navel center you’ll bring up the chi, the kundalini, from the lower centers. It’ll come up from the lower two centers, and it’s very easy to enter the navel center and bring the power up to that spot.

For the first five songs in the morning or evening tape, meditate on your navel center. Simply hold your attention—feel the area around your navel, about an inch below. If you have never done this before, if you are new to this process, simply place your fingertips of the right or left hand about an inch below your navel and press very gently.

Now close your eyes and feel the spot. The first few times you meditate like this, you can keep your fingers there if it helps you. It’s not necessary to really visualize anything. You don’t have to hold a picture in your mind. Simply feel the spot. As you become adept at meditation, you’ll have no trouble feeling the spot because there will be tremendously beautiful surges of energy, of kundalini energy, around that chakra. But in the beginning, sometimes it’s helpful just to put the fingers there—very gently.

Hold your attention on the navel area and listen to the five songs. Each of the songs is very different—the first five—and they are designed in an ascending order. They reference different planes of light, and you move from one to another—you climb up the ladder of light just by listening to them. Then, when those five songs have ended, move your attention to the center of your chest.

The next chakra up is called the heart chakra. It’s in the center of the chest. If you hold your attention there—same thing. If you want to, you can put your fingers there and apply a little pressure. Hold your attention on the center of your chest, gently press very lightly and listen to the next five songs.

The chest center, the heart chakra, and the chakra above it—the throat center at the base of the throat—are the centers of balance, of happiness. The best chakra, the easiest to activate, is the heart center, and it will also pick up the throat center for you. If you hold your attention there for five songs, you’ll feel tremendous happiness, brightness. You might see vivid colors. You might feel sensations of lightness. But if you just listen deeply, you’ll stop thought. The same thing will happen with your navel center and with the third eye.

After you have listened to the five songs—now you have gone through ten—and you’ve moved up to a much higher plane of energy, climbing up the latticework of light, of dimensions—hold your attention on the third eye.

Your third eye, which is between your eyebrows and slightly above, the ajna chakra, is a center of knowledge. The third eye and the crown center, which is at the very top of the head, are the knowledge centers.

The three meridians are power, balance, which is happiness, and knowledge, or wisdom. When you bring all three together, you are complete.

There are five songs—the last five—that reference the higher chakras. Simply listen to them and keep your attention on the third eye. When thought comes in and out of your mind, ignore it. Simply listen to the music. Don’t get frustrated if your mind is restless. There’s a lot of energy in the world, and it takes patience to learn how to meditate.

What’s happening as you listen to each song—the first five songs for the navel center, the second five songs for the heart center and the third five songs for the third eye—is you are bringing the kundalini up through concentration. The chakras are doorways to different dimensions, to different planes of enlightenment. As you hold your attention on them, the kundalini energy at the base of the spine will gradually rise—first to the navel center, then to the heart center, then to the third eye.

The crown center is a little bit different. It’s not connected to the other centers. When you open it, you go into samadhi, into very advanced states of attention. It takes many, many years of practice to be able to activate the crown center, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it at this time. Just bringing the kundalini eventually up to the third eye will release a tremendous amount of energy, brightness, beauty into your life. Your mind will become clear. Your life will become centered. You’ll be able to use higher aspects of mind, have inter-dimensional experiences—and learn to be a little bit silly and smile about even very difficult things.

You’ll gain knowledge and power. All kinds of wonderful things will happen just from meditating on these three chakras to the music.

As I said, there’s an album for morning meditation and evening meditation. Optimally, you will do an hour of meditation in the morning and an hour in the evening—not necessarily at the beginning. In the beginning, you might just try meditating in the evening for half an hour once in a while or every day or in the morning.

But as you have progressively better and better experiences with meditation, you will find that it’s good to meditate in the morning. When you meditate in the morning after you first get up, you energize your body, you wash out all the energies you picked up when you were very sensitive and your defenses were down—you know, during sleep. You clarify your mind. You gain mental power, control, and you release a lot of energy through the chakras, have inter-dimensional experiences—and you’ll gain tremendous happiness.

Then during the day, you might say your auric immune system will be very powerful. You’ll find it easier to keep thoughts and impressions that are negative out of your mind. Your mind will be clear and sharp. You’ll do real well at school, in sports, at work, or just in having fun. You’ll become more creative, balanced—instead of the person who just goes through the day without all that energy and all that clarity and just kind of makes it—you can be on top of things, in charge, and happily so.

Then, during the day, after your morning meditation, you should practice mindfulness. It’s a fun game that you can practice all day long. All day, after you’ve meditated in the morning, as thoughts come in your mind—emotions, feelings—realize that most of them aren’t your own. And just bounce out anything negative, anything negative, unhappy, angry, jealous, suspicious, anything that would make you unhappy and destroy your inner calm, your inner equilibrium that you’ve gained from your morning meditation. Just blow it out. Push it away. You gain the inner chi or power to do this from your morning meditation. If you keep doing this, eventually you’ll find that you’ll just be happy all the time. After a while, your mind just will automatically filter these thoughts out and negative impressions that you pick up from others, without even having to think about it very much.

We charge up our auric battery in the morning with a good meditation. Then in the evening, around sunset, or whenever you get home from the day, meditate again. Take a shower. Maybe go for a run—or whatever works for you—and meditate. Put on the Canyons of Light tape. It’s a beautiful tape. Each of the songs references a power place in the Southwestern United States, an inter-dimensional vortex of power.

And during the day, of course, you will have used up a lot of the energy from your morning meditation, picked up impressions. Sit down. Meditate. Relax. Chill out. Be calm. Be centered. Be beautiful.

Eternity is around you and within you. Don’t be afraid. There is only happiness beyond this world—the happiness, the endless happiness of nirvana and of the spirit. Relax. Trust life a little bit. What we see here is just a blink of the eye, this life. It comes and goes very quickly. There’s much more to all of this, and it’s much better.

Listen to the Canyons of Light tape. Allow it to guide you and take you through the 15 higher dimensions that it references. Start with the navel center—five songs there, the next five for the heart center, and the next five for the third eye. Remember, the key to success in meditation is to enjoy it, not to fight thought, but just to listen to the music.

You would normally learn to meditate, if things were ideal, with an enlightened teacher such as myself. You would sit, come and see your teacher twice a day and sit with them in the morning and evening. In the morning, you’d meditate together, and when an enlightened teacher meditates, it’s very powerful. Their aura gets very charged up, and the pure power of their mind as they move from one chakra to another, from one dimension upwards into the planes of light and into samadhi and enlightenment and nirvana—as they do that, if your mind is at all subtle, if you practice meditation a little bit, the power of their aura will lift you along with them, from one plane of mind to another.

That’s how you really learn to meditate. I mean, you just can’t know where these planes are—how to get to them—just by trying by yourself. Enlightened teachers are there so that you can meditate with them and they move your mind from one plane to another. Then you can practice on your own and learn how to get back to those stages of attention, those wonderful worlds of light.

Normally you’d meditate with your teacher in the morning and later in the evening, and they would lift you into these higher planes. And by doing that repeatedly, day after day, month after month, you would learn—just as repeated motions in martial arts teach you the motions and the movements of martial arts—you would learn how to meditate.

What I have done is created two albums—there are others, but these two in particular, the Enlightenment tape and Canyons of Light on tape and CD—that are like having a private enlightened teacher. I have infused each of the albums with the light of enlightenment and with a tremendous amount of kundalini. The composition of the work actually came out of 30 different dimensions. And each song is actually—I can’t explain how it’s done—but let’s just say that it’s hooked up to a certain dimensional access point. When you listen to the songs, the level is actually there of a particular universe, a very high plane, and it will lift you up if you can just listen to it—into these higher dimensions, the same way it would if you were meditating with me or with another enlightened teacher.

When you put on the tape or the disc, essentially you’re sitting down with an enlightened teacher and meditating with them. They’re holding a plane for four minutes and you experience it as you focus on a chakra and you shift to another and another. Gradually, the kundalini rises from the base of the spine to the third eye, opening up the chakras, in the morning and of course in the evening.

After you meditate, after you finish the session, always bow. If you’re sitting in the cross-leg position, if you can, touch your head to the floor. If not, you better lose some weight and do some exercises and limber up. If you’re sitting in a chair, just bow slightly. We just like to offer our meditation to the universe. And sit still for a couple of minutes. Relax.

Never judge or analyze a meditation. Just do it. Focus as hard as you can on the chakras while you meditate.

Handy tips—avoid eating much before you meditate. Your body will feel heavy. It’s like eating a lot before you exercise. Yuck. Relax. You’re not going to learn how to do it in a day, but every time you meditate and simply listen to the music you’ll go very high. You’ll have a very beautiful experience.

When thoughts come in and out of your mind, ignore them. If you have experiences, see light, colors, sensations of lightness, that sort of thing, if cabbage grows out of your ears, don’t worry about it. Just ignore it.

Experiences come and go in meditation, and, you know, let ’em go; let ’em come. What matters is that you just focus on the chakra undistractedly.

Another hint—disconnect the phone before you meditate. Everyone always seems to call you when you start to meditate. Put on the music and listen.

Zazen means to sit, to listen. You are listening to enlightenment, to the universes, to the planes of mind. You’re sitting with an enlightened teacher, with enlightenment, more specifically. Let that enlightenment flow through you, purify you, clarify you.

With practice, you’ll find that you get a lot better.

In the beginning, the music may actually distract you a little bit.

The music is very pure, though. Not only is it played by some of my students and produced and composed by all of us, but in addition, after the music is done, I take my aura and go through it and take out any human impressions, it’s absolutely clean. It’s perfect music in terms of its consciousness. And it’s not bad, overall. We work hard on it; we really do, to make it for people, so they can have a beautiful experience.

Listen to the music. Meditate. Relax and just let it take you into the world of light, past other people’s thoughts, other people’s ideas and even your own.

There is nirvana. There is enlightenment. Beyond this world and beyond all worlds, there’s something perfect and real. The comedies, the tragedies that we see played out on this earth before us don’t last. But we are eternal spirits. We do. These events will come and go, but the planes of light and nirvana will always be there.

If you’d like to learn more about meditation and enlightenment, then you should find a teacher who you feel is balanced, powerful, knowledgeable, enlightened and funny. If they’re not funny, they’re not enlightened.

Trust life. Trust that it will always guide you to the right thing. And be kind. Be compassionate. Take time to help others and help yourself. Be patient.

If you meditate or—what Rama always says is—if you meditate each day and run each day, you can do anything. If you run a few miles and meditate every day, you’re okay. That’s in my opinion. But even if you miss the running, just get a little exercise any way you want to.

Meditate each day, and your life will get better. You’ll be happy, free, successful and eventually you’ll grow into pure and perfect light, into the world of enlightenment, and there is simply nothing better than that.

Please enjoy the music. We made it for you. And enjoy the tapes. And grow, develop and always be optimistic. Always be positive. And ignore those who aren’t because they’re obviously confused and out of touch with light.