The Enlightenment Cycle series of talks is Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz’ introductory material for the new student of meditation and enlightenment. Rama explains how to meditate and specifically how to meditate in modern times, when we are living on a very crowded planet. He introduces his unique approach of combining traditional powerful methods of meditation with music that connects us directly to higher states of awareness.

Rama describes what enlightenment is and why it’s worth seeking. He discusses fundamental and profound Buddhist and yogic concepts in a down-to-earth manner that’s easy for people today in both the East and West to relate to. We learn about mindfulness, power, balance, wisdom, personal happiness, reincarnation, and the miraculous—directly from a modern day enlightened master.

This series of talks explains the core principles of practice with Rama’s unique blend of clarity and humor. Since Rama was focused on updating Buddhist and yogic teachings for our era, he also describes how career can be used as part of the practice, especially technology and computer science careers.

After the release of the original Enlightenment Cycle talk series in 1992, Rama added two follow-on recordings: Intermediate Meditation and The Enlightenment Cycle. Intermediate Meditation provides additional instructions to the student who’s been meditating daily for a few months or longer. Rama explains how additional focus techniques can be added to strengthen the meditative experience once the student has developed a basic practice.

The final talk, simply called The Enlightenment Cycle, provides a broad review and discussion of the pathway to enlightenment and why it’s worth pursuing.

Each chapter in this book is a transcription of a recorded audio talk. The talks reflect the spontaneous tone that typified Rama’s live seminars, which combined sophisticated descriptions of deep spiritual truths with warmth and humor, recalling stories of the Buddha and other enlightened teachers conversing with their students.

Rama’s words will guide you on an entertaining and profound tour of meditation, magic, and enlightenment.

—The Editors

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