Why Meditate to Enlightened Music?

It’s kind of tricky to meditate in this age, and I’ve figured out a way to make it easy for you. It’s to meditate to music. I have created a number of albums, which are designed to meditate to.

If you sit, if you make your mind quiet, if you’re still and you listen to the music, the music will do two things.

The energy in the music is very high. I’ve gone into very high planes of consciousness, into samadhi, to bring a certain power into the music as a whole. And when you put on the [music], the energy is so high in it that it will simply block out the thoughts and impressions of the people in this world.

Enlightenment and Canyons of Light are like having a private enlightened teacher.

I have infused each of the albums with the light of enlightenment and with a tremendous amount of kundalini. I can’t explain how it’s done—but let’s just say that it’s hooked up to a certain dimensional access point.

When you listen to the songs, the level is actually there of a particular universe, a very high plane, and it will lift you up if you can just listen to it—into these higher dimensions—the same way it would if you were meditating with me or with another enlightened teacher.

When you put on the [music], essentially you’re sitting down with an enlightened teacher and meditating with them.

—Rama, Chapter 1, “Meditation” (excerpts)

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