Meditation is the bridge between this

And all other levels of consciousness;

Practicing meditation makes you aware of

Your eternally enlightened nature.


Sit in meditation until

Your mind becomes empty;

Sit in meditation without thought

And the winds of consciousness will

Blow visions of radiant worlds of light

Before your inner eyes.


By practicing meditation you will gradually

Change the limited view that you have of yourself;

This misunderstanding of who and what you are

Is the cause of all of your pain.


Your personality identifies itself

With your physical body:

It believes that it

Came into existence at the

Time of your physical birth,

And that it will cease to exist

At the time of your physical death.

Your personality doesn’t realize that beneath

The transient surface of your physical body,

You have another body that is made up of eternal

Light that cannot be born and cannot die!

It is made up of the ecstatic everythingness

And the eternal nothingness of nirvana!


By practicing meditation you will come to see

That the true nature of the real you,

The body of light,

Is everlasting bliss!

So push past sorrow and pain

Because within you is ecstatic

Life everlasting!