When you change your awareness,

You change your karma.


Karma is your current awareness:

It is the level of consciousness

That you are presently experiencing,

Right here and now!


The karma of your current awareness has

Been shaped by the experiences that you have

Had in this and in all of your other lifetimes.


If you would like to improve your karma,

If you would like to experience deeper

Levels of happiness and ecstasy,

Then you must expand your

Awareness into light!


Changing your karma means letting go

Of your current personality

And upgrading it to a more

Lucid personality which

Is brighter and deeper

Than the personality

You now have.


You need to start,


Participate in,

And win

A revolution

Within your own mind,

Which will oust the despotic

Dictator “Ego!”


Meditate upon the all perfect

Light within your own mind!

Do this repeatedly and the radiant

Bodhisattvas of Wisdom and Laughter

Will visit you and change your karma forever!