Freedom is the ability to dream:

To be able to roam endlessly through

The multifaceted mind of eternity.


Beyond this thin surface of existence

That we call life, is perennial awareness:

A field of both light and dark dreams.


Think it over.

Beyond this moment are all

Other possible moments,

Existing forever like dark stars in

A white night sky.

There is no beginning or ending to any of this,

It all goes on, as do we, forever.


Freedom is the ability to dream new dreams,

As you roam happily through the mind of God;

Your current self is one of those dreams,

As are all of your experiences in each new life.


To free your mind from the dreams of self

And to explore enlightened levels of

Perception is to practice yoga;

All that is required is a yen to travel

Through that hidden country that we call nirvana.