In every age it is proclaimed

By enlightened teachers!

It is said in different languages

In different ways at different times!

But it is, in essence, always the same —

It is the Dharma, the true reason for living

And being. It is as constant as change for the

Living, and as certain as rebirth for the dying.


What is the Dharma?

It is this:

We are all drowning in the ocean of life,

We are all drowning in the ocean of death,

The wheel of creation spins us






We are all drowning in the ocean of existence.


And yet there are a few who are immune

To all of this drowning,

To all of this constant living and dying.

They swim in the oceans of life and death unaffected

By the ceaseless agony and ecstasy of incarnation,

By all of this drowning;

For they are enlightened,

Enlightenment in incarnate form,

And they sing hymns to the drowning,

Chants to take away our fears.

And if we reach out and call to them

To save us from all of this living and dying,

They laugh at us and at our tears

And tell us that we are already saved,

Saved by our drowning,

By our living and dying,

In this ocean of life,

In this ocean of death.