Everyone’s quest is the same,

To find one’s own perfection.

That is really all that any one of us is seeking.


Each being comes out of nirvana wanting everything;

Seeking to know and experience all possibilities.

Like birds who make their nests out of whatever life

Affords them, each of us makes the mandala of our

Current incarnation out of whatever we are drawn to.


From lifetime to lifetime we are drawn back

To familiar persons, places and things.

The enlightened call this “sameness,”

A feeling of pleasure in internal

And external surroundings

That are familiar to us.


When beings agree upon their illusions,

They feel close to each other.

When they no longer share the same illusions,

They drift apart,

Each seeking a separate reality.


Illusions — the things that we are attracted to, want,

Believe in, or wish to have happen to us — create our

Associations. They join us for a time

In the ocean of life

To others, until

One day we

Are free.