What are you afraid of?

There is only life.


Fears are like comets:

They follow erratic yet regular orbits.

You will notice that the same fears return to you

At different times and in different places

Concerning the same things,

Again and again.


Your fears define your life.

They won’t go away; they will just continue their orbit

Until it is time for them to return to you again.


The only way to eliminate your fears is to

Become someone else!

The reason is simple:

Your fears know you.

They have a well-developed sense

Of who you are.

They know what you like,

What you don’t like,

And most importantly,

They know what makes you reach out to them.


The antidote to your fears, of course, is courage;

The courage to change who you are.

When you become someone other than who you have been,

Your fears become confused because they

Can’t recognize you.

They zip around searching for you for a time and then

They simply up and leave, never to return again!


The act of courage necessary to change

Your identity is to meditate deeply.

When you meditate deeply, you

Bring your mind into light.

Then the person who you

Have been dissolves

In the clear light

Of reality.

It’s that