Being and Nonbeing

Between here and there,

Time and space,

Man and woman,

Yin and yang,

Brightness and darkness,

And just about anything else

You can think of, there is

Being and nonbeing.


What is being?

Being is consciousness.

Or more precisely, to be conscious.

And to be even more precise, who is conscious.

And to hassle the details, being is

Who is conscious and what they are conscious of.


Nonbeing is easier:

Nonbeing is unconsciousness.


In your quest for enlightenment you will learn

A great deal about being and nonbeing,

Because enlightenment is neither.

Enlightenment is like a highway that can

Only be reached by journeying down other roads

That lead to it.

There are many different roads that you can take in

Life, and most of them don’t lead to enlightenment.

But being and nonbeing, even though they have nothing

Directly to do with enlightenment,

Will lead you there.


Some hints from someone (that’s me) who has travelled

Down the bumpy roads that lead to enlightenment and

Quite a few of the roads that don’t:


To find the road of being you must:


First! Love someone or something more than you love yourself.

Second! Take chances constantly.

Third! Stop taking yourself so seriously.

Fourth! Start taking others more seriously.

Fifth! Never give up hope.

Sixth! Meditate more deeply today than you ever have.

Seventh! Learn to dance.

Eighth! Feel the pain of the world and be happy anyway.

Ninth! Let go and let eternity do with you what it will.

Tenth! Look beyond all of this and know the truth.


To find the road of nonbeing you must

Simply overcome yourself.