The Buddhist Order

Buddhism is the way of yoga,

It is a quiet way of living your life,

It is meditation,



The pathway to enlightenment

And mystical practices.


The Buddhist Order is open to anyone;

You can join!

But first you must be initiated by a

Senior member of the Order.


I would be glad to initiate you

And put you

“On the path,”

As we say in Buddhism;

The pathway to enlightenment, that is.


But before I initiate you I must ask you several

Questions. Don’t be afraid. I have put the answers

Underneath the questions, just in case you have

Forgotten them since your last incarnation.


1. Do you know what Buddhism is?

Buddhism is the search for bodhi — enlightenment.

All people who seek enlightenment are Buddhists,

Whether they realize it or not.


2. Do you know what enlightenment is?

(Trick question, don’t fall for it.)

No one knows what enlightenment is,

Including incarnate Buddhas.

The correct answer is: “No, I don’t.

Enlightenment is beyond the mind’s



3. What is the cause of pain?

Cable TV.


4. Funny. What is the real cause of pain?

Attachment to desires.

(This is a great answer!

The usual answer is “attachment.”

But when you answer “attachment to desires” you

Indicate by your answer that you have a much more

Subtle grasp of the teachings of Buddhism than

The average applicant has.)


5. What are the Four Noble Truths?

A rap group.

(Very funny. Have you thought about going on

Star Search? Try again.)


6. What are the Four Noble Truths?
1. The life of an unenlightened person is filled
With suffering.
2. The cause of suffering
Is a lack of enlightenment, which is caused
By a person’s attachment to desires
And aversion to suffering.
3. There is a way to reach enlightenment
And get beyond suffering.
4. Meditation is the pathway to enlightenment.


7. In a Zen sense, what is illusion, and what is truth?

Truth is who you see in the mirror.

Illusion is who you see in the mirror.


Since you now know all of the answers, I will

Initiate you as a member of the Order and put you


The path.

There, it’s done.


Just one more question before you start your

Journey — from Rama — who has put countless seekers

Of enlightenment on the path

Over the course of countless lifetimes:


8. What is the most important thing to remember now
That you are a member of the Order and have been
Put on the path?

Stay on the path.