In High Buddhist talk we use the word “intent”

To describe a person’s reasons for doing and being.

We feel that nothing creates happiness or

Unhappiness as strongly as intent does.


Intent is our bottom-line motivation.

When all of the props are removed and the

Makeup is off, we are left alone with our intent.


We are all aware of our real intent;

You may fool others by masking your intent,

But you can’t fool your own karma.


Why do you suffer so much?

It is because your intent is not in harmony with

Your soul.

Until you correct the discrepancy between your mind’s

Intent and your soul’s proclivity for light,

You will never be at peace with yourself.


And remember, your life is not a sitcom on TV.

A happy ending is not built into the script of

Your life, unless you write it in yourself by

Having correct intent.


What is correct intent?

From a Buddhist point of view, correct intent is to

Seek happiness without intentionally doing harm

To others.

Incorrect intent is to seek happiness for yourself

By ripping other people off.

Exceptional intent is to seek happiness for yourself by

Spreading light and empowering others.


No one said that you had to be a saint to be happy,

And being a saint may not be as straightlaced

An affair as you might think it is.

All that matters is to realize

That the only person you are

Really going to hurt in

The end is yourself.

So why don’t you

Clean up your

Act and be