Honesty, like ice cream, comes in different flavors:

There is day-to-day honesty,

Lying-to-yourself honesty,

Shining-everyone-else-on honesty,

Shining-yourself-on honesty,

“I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again” honesty,

“I’ll start my diet tomorrow” honesty,

And the flavor-of-the-month honesty:

“I really didn’t enjoy doing that,”

When in fact you know that you did!


Then there is Buddhist honesty:

Realizing that you are imperfect,

Not making a big deal about it,

Striving to be more perfect

Because it feels better to,

Not lying to yourself, ever,

Not lying to others unless it is

In their best interest,

And simply being who you are,

In spite of all outer and internal



Buddhist honesty clarifies your life.