Always be prepared!

Anything can and will happen

When you least expect it!


Did you expect to be born when you were?

Did you expect to be who you have become?

Do you know what is going to happen to you next?


Be ready for anything and everything

Because anything and everything is exactly

What happens to you at any given moment.


The best way to be ready is to be strong,

Hopeful, optimistic, realistic,

Flexible and funny.


Meditation and mindfulness will make you ready.

Studying with the enlightened will

Sharpen your readiness!


Spending time alone in nature

And reflecting upon the

Perfection within all

Things will finish

The job!


Be ready at all times!

Exercise your mind and body,

Laugh and love,

And respect

The Dharma.


Be kind when you can be,

Understanding when you can’t,

And joyful under all circumstances.

Then you will always be ready!

Ready to experience the

Beauty and the

Perfection of