It’s easy to get yourself into trouble,

But it isn’t always so easy to get out of it.

It doesn’t take much time or money to get married,

But it takes more of both to get divorced.


It’s easy to miss the center of things,

And to get out of touch with

The core of existence.

It’s always harder to

Be perfectly aware;

Harder, but not at

All impossible.


You tell me, which is really easier or harder,

To be happy or to be unhappy?


It’s hard to be happy,

But isn’t it harder still

To live without happiness?


It’s easy to be unhappy,

But isn’t it even easier

To experience happiness?


Which would you rather take,

The hard way that leads to happiness,

Or the easy way that leads to unhappiness?


The choice is yours:

The choice of whether

Or not to practice yoga.