Three Things

There are really only three important

Things to remember in life:

To care, to share, and to be fair.

This is not a new idea at all,

And yet, observing how most people live

Their lives, you might think that it was.


To care, to share and to be fair;

That’s really all it takes to be happy.

Share the way,

Tell others about enlightenment.


Care, but don’t be pushy!

Don’t preach about enlightenment to people who

Don’t really want to hear about it!


Share the way by being a good example;

Care by only showing those few

Who express interest.


And, of course, be fair:

Don’t present your version of the truth to others.

Lose your ulterior motives!

Be accurate and pure in your presentation of the way,

And you will become the way.


Care, share and be fair,

To others and to yourself,

And you will quickly transcend

Both winning and losing in life.