There is no such thing as completion;

These are only stages in an endless progression.

There are no final outcomes or decisions,

Since nothing ever stays the same.


Yoga is the pathway to enlightenment:

It is a way of reaching the

Highest stages of awareness.

But, in reality, there is no end to yoga.

Nirvana is not a final outcome;

It is ecstasy and bliss without end!


The flood of light is overwhelming

When it finally comes;

Just as a rainstorm that rages for days

Can be overwhelming.


The river floods over its banks,

Creating a new river and new banks.

And the journey of life changes shape;

It reaches flood stage, and yet it stays

The same.


That’s really it,

Isn’t it?

Not that there is just one

“It,” of course,

Flood stage,

New banks,

A new level in the game of life

In which your awareness is

Expanded forever

Into forever,



That is.


Be at peace…

It will all work out…

There is no final outcome,

No decision is really definite,

It just appears to be that way today.


The river appears to be constant,

Until one day the rains come

And come and come

And flood stage

Is reached



Be happy,

You live forever,

You cannot die,

You can only change form.


Death is a rainstorm;

Birth, a flooding into life.

Nirvana is the sky that the clouds pass

Through on their way between

Here and there,

Heaven and earth,

Nowhere and eternity,

Enlightenment and illusion,

Nothingness and everythingness.


Be still,

Be joyous,

Celebrate creation, preservation

And destruction;

For these are the seasons of your life:

Of your knowing and being.



And come to know this,

And so much more!

And oh,

The places you will go,

The wonders you will see,

And the ecstasy you will become!


Trust life!