Modular Mysticism: Dress for Power

There are two primary aspects of your being. This is in the framework, of course, of mysticism. We use different languages to discuss self-discovery; it’s important not to become stuck in a particular language. To learn to be fluent in many languages is the best, or to know one very, very well. Either will do, it depends upon one’s personal needs.

But in the language of mysticism, we say that there are two sides to a person’s being, the superconscious and the conscious. These have reverberations in the popular works of Carlos Castaneda, in the don Juan terminology of the tonal and the nagual.

One’s progression along the spiritual path is a very, very intricate matter.

This evening I’d like to talk to you a little bit

with specific recommendations as to

In essence, then, this is a technique-oriented presentation, but I’d like to begin with a consideration of the dynamics of this process.

To begin with, the process of self-discovery normally involves—in mysticism—a teacher and a student.

In some forms of mysticism, there are two teachers for a student. One is referred to as the teacher, one is the benefactor.

The idea is that the teacher prepares the tonal being—the conscious being—whereas the benefactor prepares the superconscious side of one’s being—or the nagual.

In your case, you have one teacher who does both. There are teachers who teach both sides. Some only teach one.

The job of the teacher is to first, in some way, demonstrate to the individual the eternality of reality.

This is normally done in the first encounter—occasionally before—through dreaming. If it’s before, the teacher will reach out in his dreaming body and appear to the student and give the student information, a particular experience in dreaming.

The student may or may not remember these encounters. Very often the student won’t remember that the teacher came in the body of dreaming for many, many years.

After a student has studied with a teacher for many years, suddenly he or she may remember that years before—even before they had physically met—the teacher came in the body of dreaming.

But whether it was in the body of dreaming, or in the first or subsequent encounters, the teacher does two things:

Naturally, there are many different types of students.

Some teachers have a small group of students—in mysticism, maybe ten or 12 or 15—whom they work with very closely, or perhaps 100. The teacher may have no more students.

Other teachers have hundreds of students, of which there’s a smaller group they work closely with, and a larger group they work with as a pool.

They’re trying to constantly bring the members of the pool closer so they can be one of the students whom they work with more closely—but they’re not ready yet, otherwise they’d be working closely with them.

So on the one hand, they’re doing a type of basic education where they’re trying to raise the consciousness of many people so they can work more closely, and at the same time they’re working with their graduate students at a closer level.

There is no exclusion for size. It’s not as if there’s a certain number of people whom the teacher will work with on a close basis. The teacher will work with as many as are ready—the more the better.

But for the closer students, a teacher has to look for an indication:

In the initial contact, either through the body of dreaming or in a physical meeting, the teacher will, in some way, touch the superconscious aspect, or what we would call the nagual, of the other individual.

When I met all of you, this is what I did.

When you came to a talk, a meditation, however it was that we met, at that moment, I used the superconscious and I slid through it, you might say, and I touched you in a certain way.

I opened up a doorway

There may have been hundreds of people in the room, but perhaps for only 40 or 50 or ten or one, on that particular evening, I slid through the superconscious—it’s like going down a big slide—and opened a doorway for that person and brought them into a very different field of attention, different even than the field of attention of all those who were there who were obviously being brought into a different field of attention through meditating.

What I’m suggesting is that a teacher has the ability—if they’re a teacher of knowledge, if they’re fully developed—to be in a room with hundreds of people and affect them all individually.

They can only do this through the body of dreaming, which does not exist in linear time. In linear time, one can’t do that. We can only do so many things and so many operations in a given time frame.

But if we step outside of linear time with the body of dreaming, then it’s entirely possible to do millions of things in a moment because the moment does not exist.

So initially, I touched each one of you in a specific way, which is why you’re here.

Now, it’s necessary in this process to do several things—again, we’re in the language of mysticism tonight, which is the language of power and apprehension.

It’s necessary first

At the same time,

We’re dealing, then, with two sides of your being.

At this time you’re only aware, consciously, of my addresses to your conscious being.

But at the same time—since I happen to play both roles—through the body of dreaming I’m addressing another side of your being and have, either since we met or before that time, which is why you’re actually here.

Rather, your superconscious side made a decision and fed that information to your conscious mind, and your conscious mind now believes that it made the decision.

What I’m suggesting is that

What, again, don Juan calls the nagual, although I’ll be using superconscious and conscious instead of nagual and tonal.

Once I’ve touched you through the body of dreaming — through the superconscious — and made you realize you were dealing with an unfathomable power, I must then placate your reason with positive reasons as to why you should undertake this study.

In other words, even though it was sufficient for us to meet and meditate for a moment and have an inner experience, and your inner being, you might say, already made the decision, in order to avoid frustration and confusion, it’s necessary to address the outer self—that which we can discuss, that part of your being—and give it reasons.

To do that, we posit an alternative, and that alternative is what in mysticism they call the “warrior’s way.”

It’s a way of life that brings

which is something that

Each one of you is journeying, then.

You’re journeying

But the journey is from this side of the coin.

It’s from the top of the coin, not from the bottom, at least at this stage.

And your ability to grow and develop into the infiniteness of your impeccable spirit

While I can address your being inwardly, you are only capable of integrating a specific amount of that information, and that’s dependent upon the receptivity of your outer being.

Why is it that when we go to the desert or sit here and meditate as we did a little while ago,

It’s because

No matter how much light comes into your being, if your being has a lot of holes in it, it all passes out, in a way of speaking.

Also, as one goes deeper into the study and the encounters with eternity become stronger and stronger, it’s necessary to have a very strong being.

If you don’t, then the problem is that you’ll be filled with fear, you’ll become distraught, you will reject the study.

Nothing can happen to your being in a negative sense; that is to say, there are no scars. There are no repercussions from these encounters with the superconscious because you’re dealing with light so no harm can come to you.

But what can happen is you’ll be, in effect, turned off to the study, to your own self-development—if you have experiences that you are not properly prepared for.

The teacher, then, on the one hand, gives you a direct encounter with power, with eternity, with a land which is unfathomable and unthinkable to you at this point, where your description of the world falls away and you see things that don’t fit in your description of the world.

When I touch you with the body of dreaming — which I do constantly — I open up the doorways of perception for you to a deeper view of existence.

Tonight, then, what I will be addressing is not the superconscious side of your being—that will wait for some time, although I’m certainly addressing the superconscious of your being at this moment and many other moments.

But in words tonight, I wish to

When you have implemented these suggestions in your life,

The direct encounters with the superconscious change your structure.

Each one of us is an aggregate of awarenesses.11 We’re a conglomerate.

Just as the DNA is a structure of double helical bonds, so

They are bound together by the threads,

At death these threads dissolve

They come together in another life,

When we meditate together, when we go to the desert, when we meditate and we’re not physically together—and you’ll be sitting there and suddenly I’ve come to you from a distance as your benefactor through the body of dreaming, and the room will light up and these different things happen, or in the body of dreaming when you’re asleep—

at that time I’m opening a doorway to you and saying,

I know you can only journey a certain distance, but I continue to expose your being to that energy because it changes its structure.

But no matter how much I expose you,

That’s the rule.

The rule is—though I open the door to eternity for you, as a doorperson—

No one is ever forced through.

But you will only walk through

So then, while the superconscious awaits and is ready, and while in this study I am constantly exposing you to it and it’s causing major structural changes in your being,

But still, it’s your outer being who controls your life, at this point.

An interesting concept is presented in Tales of Power, and that’s

I like the language that Castaneda uses; the greatest gift that Castaneda has given us is the language to discuss things, and it’s very easy and accommodating for most people.

His teacher and benefactor suggest that what is necessary is to tighten one’s life, that most people have very loose lives, they’re all over the place.

I agree. This is my perception also.

It’s necessary then, to bring about—and this is where my language would differ a little from theirs, although I’m saying the same thing—a tremendous refinement in your being.

That refinement begins from the ground up, and it is the focus of the daylight hours of your study, if I can use that as a metaphor.

The night hours are the study of the superconscious, metaphorically, and the daylight hours are the study of the conscious. At night I address your superconscious, not in hours in the day but in hours of eternity.

But today, it’s day—even though it’s night, it’s day. And in the day, we begin at the ground. We begin with the physical.

It is necessary for you

to focus your attention upon your physical being—

all of the subjects of your daily life,

Let us begin with clothing.

It doesn’t really matter where we start because the rule will apply to everything we discuss. We could discuss the orderliness of your room or your house, your career.

But let us begin with clothing

The way you dress is extremely important.

If you don’t think it’s important, then you’re failing to see that everything matters along the warrior’s way. It’s very important because it demonstrates the impeccability of your spirit.

It’s the guise through which the world evaluates and views you, and the way people treat you—

—is correlated.

You have to, in other words, realize that the way you dress determines the way that people treat you.

It’s a statement that you make—quite loudly—and

In other words, all the visible sensory details determine how they see you and how they react to you.

In the path of mysticism we do not believe in wasting energy.

We learn to

and we learn to see where we’re wasting power.

We learn to become efficient.

And as we increase our personal power,

Naturally, it’s necessary to dress in such a way as to project your warrior spirit.

Of course you have to conform, to a certain extent, to the dictates of a society, of a particular career and a particular situation. For example, a person who doesn’t dress well, who doesn’t spend time and attention with their physical being, has a very loose being.

The conscious being is very loose—if they’re sloppy—and that looseness will catch up with them. It’s a reflection.

The same is true of

But it’s easier, sometimes, to see it with clothing. The other issues are sometimes a little more complex.

When you dress in such a way, unless that’s your particular role—if you’re an entertainer, obviously you would dress in a certain way—but on a daily basis, if you dress in such a way as to attract attention to yourself, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

You’ll pick up a variety of different energies from others.

So it’s very important not to be too flashy.

At the same time, you don’t want to dress down too much because that attracts attention in another way.

The rule of thumb for the warrior is

It’s not a sense of conformity.

Most people dress to conform. They see an ad on TV for a certain type of Levi’s that everybody is wearing—you see everybody now, the women are wearing legwarmers because the girl in Flashdance wears them and Jane Fonda does. So now that’s the fashion.

That’s conformity.

What I’m not suggesting is conformity at all,

that you can radically alter your life by the way you dress, and many other things, of course, all of which we won’t discuss now, but

It’s important to pick a form that the world can understand.

People have value systems—in the description of the world that they now have—that evaluate YOU. [Rama spoken emphasis.]

So you have to fit into one of those value systems—not to conform—but to accomplish effectively that which you want to do.

One example would be a spiritual center.

When you come to meditate, it’s very important to dress in a very, very refined fashion.

You will find that the time and attention you spend in selecting the clothing that you wear to see your teacher is a reflection of your warrior spirit, and

If you spend a great deal of time carefully selecting each item that you wear—whether it’s for color or vibration or whatever it may be—

That night, when you come to meditate, you will have a much deeper meditation because you spent five minutes caring about the selection of what you wore.

Clothing is very, very powerful.

People don’t realize it. It’s your presentation to the world.

To be unaware of this and simply wear what’s around, in a society which is obviously very concerned with these matters,

It’s very important

My recommendation for most people would be to throw out almost everything they have and start over with a new wardrobe, and in the act of shopping for those clothes, to be very, very picky.

The way that you manage your finances is a reflection of the tightness of your being.

A spiritual warrior deliberates every choice very carefully before accepting it. It has to feel just right.

The condition of the place you live is very important.

Where you live is a place of power.

In other words, you should eliminate anything that does not have a very strong value.

People clutter their lives with

to the point where

You should go through every aspect of your life and

But the two always correlate.

Your development in the superconscious

What I’m suggesting is that until the physical togetherness increases, your development in the inner worlds will not increase.

The two always go together because you simply can’t handle more power, because your life isn’t tight enough.

You must consciously work.

When you can come to me and say,

which is absolutely necessary to deal with the superconscious.

The kundalini is so strong, you must have a strong physical body.

When every aspect of your life is impeccable,

Cleanliness and plants are very important.

Your relationships with others have to be exacting and precise.

You should gradually try and undo all of your attachments.

Make a list of all those you are attached to, and learn to love but without attachment because each attachment you have ties you to this world.

The reason you can’t fly in the superconscious yet?

When you came into the world and were born,

You’re attached to friends, family, career, many things.

If you’re in school, you should be an impeccable student within the structure of the time that you have.

At your place of work you should be impeccable.

Why is it when you start to meditate that you stop at a certain point?

These are the reasons—

When you find a negative emotion moving into your being,

If you find yourself hating, being afraid, whatever it may be,

You have to push it away and simply say,

and simply push it away.

Your ability to do that is correlated to the plants you have in your house. It’s very important to have a good relationship with plants. If there were no plants, you’d all be dead. No oxygen.

Plants affect people more than they realize, on other levels.

When they denigrate nature, it’s a sign of an unhealthy civilization which will soon perish.

In the inner world, plants can help you. They have a very strong vibrational force.

If you’ve made friends with several of them, they will come and aid you when you’ve reached that critical moment and you’re at a crossroads of knowledge.

I’m not speaking metaphorically,

When you come to that point where you’re out in the desert and the power is getting stronger and just at that moment you check out, you run away from it,

It’s very important to respect the plants that you have and to develop a relationship with them—to take care of them—

In other words—what I’m suggesting is—we’ve lost touch with our lives. We’ve lost touch with what matters in this world, in this civilization.

We’ve taken the mystery of life and tried to explain it away with reason.

Each one of us is a magical being.

Science is important and reason is important,

From this little island we call the Earth we cannot possibly have the frame of reference to understand Eternity.

We must move into Eternity itself to understand it.

And as long as we want to stand in the framework of the conceptual mind we cannot leap forward.

My suggestion to you, then, is

and to begin to consider the way you dress as a starting point.

You must have a starting point on any journey.

Gradually get rid of all the clothing you now have—

Economically at this time, you may not be able to go out and get a whole new wardrobe, fine. Perhaps once every week or two weeks, once a paycheck, get something new and throw out something old.

When you go home,

Go through every closet in your house in every room.

Consider the way you speak, and your use of language.

Consider the music you listen to, or the music that you play.

Consider your relationships.

And when you have taken

when you have done everything perfectly,

then and then alone

So tonight, as the teacher of the physical, I’m suggesting that

I’m positing an alternative for you.

That alternative is not something that you will accomplish in one day, nor need you.

I think you should start with clothing and go forward from there. And start with your home and your job and your career, or your schoolwork and your relationships.

These are the places where most people lose power.

Look at yourself in the mirror and see what you see.

Ask yourself,

When you can dress perfectly, it will suggest to me that your spirit is perfect.

Do you understand?

I could have taken this with any reference point in your being, but we’re using clothing.

It suggests the health of your spirit and its well-being.


[then] you’ve completed a task.


then your life will be sufficiently tight

Otherwise your life is too loose and you will only walk to the same point again and again.

People say, “Well, why don’t I go further?”

It’s because your life is not impeccable.

So start on clothing and your home and your relationships and your career.

And we’ll see how you do.

11. Rama emphasizes the plural.