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This book is for all genders and metagenders and is focused on women in whatever form that takes.

How much “woman” you have in your being is yours to decide.

We all have both female and male inside us, and ultimately, as you evolve in your meditation practice, there is no gender difference.

For most of us, however, there is a leading gender imprint. In this book, I primarily write about the female person.

Women, Meditation, and Power

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Selected Passages

It’s all OK.

Just know that after (and during) the work it takes to become the most powerful, self-confident, economically self-sufficient and beautiful woman you can be, you can do one more thing.

You can sit to meditate.

You can close your eyes, use a focusing technique to stop (initially slow) your thoughts and begin to experience fields of light, planes of awareness that are beyond delightful, that will bring a smile to your face as you meditate.

It doesn’t take that long, you can go there now.

Women around the world are uniting to throw off every form of repression.

The tsunami wave is rising.